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Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Pharmacy

Chances are you’re well acquainted with the concept of patient-centered care. You almost certainly practice it, and you may even have helped pioneer patient-centered care in your corner of the world. But teaching it—that’s an endeavor that continues to evolve right along with the pharmacy profession.

At St. Louis College of Pharmacy, we believe experience is an indispensable tool for teaching the compassionate and responsive approach to patient care that today’s health care environment demands. Your experience, if you’re willing to share it. Join STLCOP’s mentoring program and help instill the habits, values, and attitudes that the next generation of pharmacists needs to make a difference.

Exactly how you do that is up to you and your mentee. As we develop our mentoring program, we’re establishing a framework that encourages flexibility and collaboration. We believe that mentors and mentees should work together to define their relationships, collaborating to determine how much time they will commit to working together. Students and their mentors also will determine the fundamental nature of their relationship—whether they’ll dig into a particular aspect of pharmacy, or get together over coffee to discuss professional career options. It’s up to you and the student with whom you’re building a relationship.

Still, there are some constants. Below are answers to questions you may have about serving as a mentor to STLCOP pharmacy students.
  • Which students are eligible for the mentorship program? Any student, from first- or second-year to seventh-year, may be a mentee.
  • Do I have to live in St. Louis to become a mentor? No. We’re glad to have mentors from across the country. Our students hail from more than 30 states and several different countries, and they may be happy to connect with someone from their home base.
  • How would I act as a mentor if I live out of town? You could meet over holidays or breaks, or communicate via webcam, telephone, or email. Do whatever works best for you and the student you’re mentoring.
  • Can I become a mentor even if I’m not a STLCOP alumnus? Absolutely. Of course, we strongly encourage our alumni to return to campus as mentors, but we welcome the guidance of all experienced pharmacists.
  • How long is my commitment if I sign up to serve as a mentor? As long as you want it to be.
  • How are mentors matched with students? Ideally, students select their mentors from a list of interested pharmacists. However, we are happy to accommodate other arrangements.
  • Can I contribute to the mentoring program as a whole by participating in lectures or special events? We welcome and would consider all of your mentoring ideas.
You may be surprised at the impact you can have as a mentor. Your experience will guide—and train—our students in ways that are vital to their and the profession’s development.

You may be even more surprised at the impact your mentee can have on your own career. As you build relationships with student pharmacists, you’ll hear about the profession’s latest ideas and developments. We think you’ll strengthen and build upon your professional foundations as you help students lay the groundwork for their careers.

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