Show Your Pride

Easy Ways to Display Your STLCOP Pride

You worked hard to earn your degree from St. Louis College of Pharmacy, completing a rigorous academic and experiential program to lay the foundation of your professional career. We’re proud of the professional quality of our graduates—and you should be, too. Show your STLCOP pride every day through customized products that declare your College affiliation.

License to Learn. Take your Eutectic pride on the road with a STLCOP alumni license plate. For a $25 donation that supports STLCOP scholarships, we’ll send you a personalized application and authorization form that you can use to apply for a license plate bearing the College logo, a customized six-letter message, and the words “St. Louis College of Pharmacy” instead of “Show-Me State” along the bottom. You can order plates at any time, regardless of when your current plates expire.

Apply for a plate online, or download and fill out the form here and mail it to St. Louis College of Pharmacy, 4588 Parkview Place, St. Louis, MO, 63110 along with your tax-deductible $25 donation. Please contact Laura Roeseler at or 314.446.8394 for more information.

STLCOP Visa® card. Have a soft spot for Mortarmer McPestle, also known as Morty the Eutectic? Keep him close to you by selecting a customized UMB Bank Visa® card that portrays Morty in action. Two STLCOP skyline scenes also are available from UMB Bank. Your Eutectic pride will serve a broader professional purpose, as well. You’ll support STLCOP’s leadership in pharmacy education each time you use your STLCOP Visa® card. The STLCOP Alumni Association receives $50 for every customized College Visa® that’s used within 90 days of approval, as well as a percentage of every retail purchase made with the card. That’s money we can use to achieve STLCOP’s goals and serve you better.

Apply for a card online, or download a mail-in application here. Please contact Mary Ries at or 314.446.8336 for more information.

STLCOP apparel. You don’t need to visit campus to purchase Eutectic clothing. Shop at our online store to stock up on STLCOP sweatshirts, as well as other College items, which vary by season. Check on our inventory or place your order by contacting Mary Ries at or 314.446.8336.

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